2nd International Conference on Contemporary Microbial Research

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Among the few identified global threats of the twenty-first century, antimicrobial resistance holds the pivotal position. Antimicrobial resistance is an increasingly severe threat to the community, health and the environment surrounding us. Therefore, developing new drug molecules, introducing combination therapy, repurposing of already existing drugs, adding new and useful drug delivery systems are the major priorities of the upcoming decades. Also, it is necessary to educate general people and some of the community healthcare professionals through awareness programs about the pros and cons of the indiscriminate use of antimicrobials to prevent the drug abuse and misuse, which might render an adverse effect on future antimicrobial therapy.

However, the matter needs discussion in a global forum where the present problem of antimicrobial chemotherapy is addressed with particular emphasis on the evolution of antimicrobial resistance. Moreover, it is necessary to mention that the future of antimicrobial chemotherapy depends on the possible new antimicrobial targets, agents and diagnostic / detection tools for resistant microorganisms. Furthermore, the immediate requirement is to know how to handle
these resistant microorganisms clinically so that the average life expectancy can at least be maintained, if not increased.

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