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Litchis and malnourishment: a deadly combination
Leslee Lazar

An infographic on research that demystifies seasonal fatalities in Bihar, coinciding every year with the litchi harvest season.

New bird genus endemic to the Western Ghats discovered
Asmita Sengupta

Interdisciplinary collaboration results in discovery of two new bird species in Western Ghats.

Multifractal glimpses into the human eye could help in early diagnosis of retinal disease
Anusha Krishnan

At the interface of mathematics and biology emerges a new way of detecting diabetic retinopathy.

Novel genetic marker identified for lung adenocarcinoma
Urvashi Bhattacharyya

Researchers from Mumbai identify a spectrum of therapeutic targets linked to lung cancer development and discover a novel mutation along the way.

Novel insights into GPCR signalling
Ranjini Raghunath

Research uncovers new mechanism of receptor interaction.

10 women, 10 questions: Gagandeep Kang
Harini Barath and Manupriya

Gagandeep Kang, executive director at Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Faridabad shares her experiences as a woman researcher.

UG Teachers’ workshop on Research-Based Pedagogical Tools: a participant’s perspective
Manohar GM

This workshop offered UG teachers practical tips on how to incorporate principles of research in classroom teaching.

The Biodiversity Act and why you should be aware of it

Researchers and researcher-entrepreneurs will benefit from getting acquainted with the Biodiversity Act.

YIM 2017
Photos and videos from YIM 2017
Photo and video credits: Munmun Dhalaria

Find photos from YIM on our Flickr page and videos of talks given by mentors here. More videos to follow soon.

Brachistochrone: A metaphor for life and science

Aravind Rengan, an assistant professor at IIT Hyderabad, talks about his research and his path to becoming a career scientist.

YIM 2017: What do the organisers say?

Deepa Subramanyam, Praveen Vemula, Smita Jain, Sudha Rajamani and Sumit Biswas- the organisers of YIM 2017 share their YIM story.

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