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Database of Life scientists

About this Resource

Our life Scientists’ database” is growing! It currently has 600 plus life scientists, thanks to all the contributors who chose to be a part of this national database.

The intent of this resource is to map the life scientists in India, and serve as a tool to foster collaborations and cross-disciplinary interactions within the life sciences community.

The data that populates this resource is the outcome of data gathered through a survey sent to life scientists in India and published here with their informed consent.

How can you be a part of this resource?

If you would like to be featured on this database, please do take a moment to provide us your information using this form here

We hope that you enjoy searching through this database and that you find this resource useful. If you have any suggestions / feedback on improving this resource, please feel free to contact us at

What can you do with this resource?

  1. Use map view to visualise spread and geo-distribution of life scientists in India
  2. Use the map view to visualise the gender distribution of life scientists in India
  3. Switch to table view to view a list of life scientists and details associated with each
  4. Filter data by name, gender, geolocation, affiliation, discipline and model organisms
  5. Query the database using a combination of filters to get specific results - Example, ask how many life scientists in the city of Mumbai that work on cell biology using fruit fly as a model system?
  6. Access further details on the life scientist’s work using their lab website / institutional profiles
  7. Access the researcher’s google scholar profiles where available
  8. Add or update your information if you are an independent researcher in the life sciences situated in India

More information in the comprehensive user guide here.

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