Research Assistant

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Research Assistant in Vector Field Ecology and Population Genetics group, Tata Institute for Genetics and Society (TIGS), Bangalore.


Our primary goal is to understand the role of vector ecology and genetics in the pathogentransmission dynamics. Using fine-scale landscape genetics, we explore the relationships between heterogeneous landscape features and genetic variation in vector populations. With molecular, ecological and landscape data, in conjunction with computational, and analytical approaches, we want to quantify the effects of landscape on gene flow in vector populations which will help understanding of how the vector-borne diseases spread.

Roles and Responsibility
This position is based in Bangalore but may require significant amount of travelling to collect information from different locations in India.

  • Help with mosquito collections from different sites in India
  • Setting up of mosquito traps for surveillance
  • Work in the lab with a group of researchers to maintain samples and do molecular work
  • Maintenance of records and data analysis


Initially for one year.


As per norms of institute


Master’s degree in Life Sciences/ Zoology/Ecology.


  • Highly motivated, committed and able to take initiative
  • Experience with mosquito collections, taxonomy and identification will be an advantage
  • Excellent communication skills – both in verbal and writing in English

To Apply

If interested applying for this research position:

Please send the following documents, with a clear reference to the job number listed above, at the following email address:

i) Cover letter defining your goals, what motivates you about this job and how do you fit in this role.

ii) CV with email, phone and contact information of 3 referees

Emails with only CV attached will NOT be considered.

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