IndiaBiostreams, webinars by IndiaBioscience, was launched on June 20, 2019. It serves as a virtual broadcasting platform for science communication and outreach. It aims to create awareness and educate the community on relevant topics. It serves as a medium to offer training and mentorship to the life science community on much-needed skills such as grantsmanship, professional development, communication etc. It also serves as a platform to host stakeholder debates on pertinent issues to ultimately inform science policy. It is also a potent channel for funding agencies to articulate their programs, opportunities and activities. IndiaBiostreams is distributed via our channel on YouTube.

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    Explore ‘bioethics’ in the Indian context

    This webinar explored the concept of bioethics, which is value-laden, by using perspectives from social and cultural anthropology, practical ethics, science practice, and policy decisions. The speaker drew examples from the public health realm in India to discuss and observe that 'bioethics' should not be limited to mere protocol compliance but should guide science practice. Further, she discussed the need to identify, analyse and resolve ethical challenges in everyday science practice that are directly impacting society at large.

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    Ignite Life Science Foundation, Cactus Communications, and IndiaBioscience have come together to co-host this live online event. In a relaxed and conversational format, the interlocutor for each session will uncover the background story of the work and life of an eminent scientist.

    The guest of this event is Vishva Dixit, Vice President of Early Discovery Research, Physiological Chemistry at Genentech.

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