YIM2021 | Panel Discussion | Research Assessment: What is DORA?

Young Investigators' Meeting 2021

Join the Panel Discussion Research Assessment: What is DORA?’ of day 3 at the Young Investigators’ Meeting 2021.

YIM 2021 was a 3‑day virtual meeting, which aimed to provide an opportunity for a larger cohort of participants to experience all the flavors and components that a traditional YIM meeting offers. Here, eminent researchers and administrators invited as mentors and speakers shared their experiences in building a career in scientific research.

YIM 2021 | Day 3; Panel Discussion-Research Assessment: What is DORA?


Anna Hatch, ASCB
K VijayRaghavan, PSA, Govt of India
Rahul Siddharthan, IMSc
Satyajit Mayor, NCBS
Shahid Jameel, Ashoka University
Moderator: Satyajit Mayor, NCBS


00:00 — Welcome by Satyajit Mayor 

06:06 — An overview of DORA by Anna Hatch 

11:45 — As a reader how do I decide what to read by Rahul Siddharthan

17:56 — My experience in DBT Wellcome Trust by Shahid Jameel

22:18 — How we see the value of science & how we measure it by VijayRaghavan

29:37 — What are the possible alternatives one can think of?

44:50 — Q & A

01:06:11 — Closing remarks

01:13:23 — Closure