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IndiaBiostreams, webinars by IndiaBioscience, was launched on June 20, 2019. It serves as a virtual broadcasting platform for science communication and outreach. It aims to create awareness and educate the community on relevant topics. It serves as a medium to offer training and mentorship to the life science community on much-needed skills such as grantsmanship, professional development, communication etc. It also serves as a platform to host stakeholder debates on pertinent issues to ultimately inform science policy. It is also a potent channel for funding agencies to articulate their programs, opportunities and activities. IndiaBiostreams is distributed via our channel on YouTube.

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  • Digital education in the ‘new normal’

    In this webinar, award-winning educator Charu Dogra Rawat traces the digital transformation of educators during the course of the pandemic, the challenges faced, and how some of them were overcome. It also explores ways in which digital tools can be included in inquiry-based learning. Through this webinar, we hope to inform educators on the importance of digital tools and how to incorporate them in lesson plans for effective learning.

    The webinar is mainly for educators in higher education institutions. School teachers may find it useful too.

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