68th Meeting of Nobel Laureates & Students

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Each year since 1951, Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine have been meeting in Lindau, Germany, to discuss major issues of importance to their fields with students from around the world. The meetings include lectures,panel/ round-table discussions on interdisciplinary topics and informal small- group meetings with the Nobel Prize winners. The DST has been sending a group of students / young researchers to these meetings, since 2001. Click here for more information

It intended to send a group of Indian Students /young researchers to the 68th Meeting of Nobel Laureates & Students during 24-29 June 2018, which is dedicated to Physiology & Medicine and related disciplines including all aspects of medicine or biology, biochemistry, cell biology and similar areas as well as any area of clinical medicine.The German Research Foundation (DFG) will be organizingvisits to the German Research Institutes or Universities who are engaging the state of the art research and education in the above referred themes, during the Post Lindau week, i.e. during 30 June to 6th July 2018.

Applications are invited from bright and young students and researchers in the above disciplines for availing this award. The lectures and discussions are at a level appropriate for students/researchers in their early research careers. More details of the meeting can be seen at

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