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  • Climbing the science career ladder

    The three winners of the 2014 INSA Young Scientist award

    The Indian National Science Academy (INSA) announced the winners of its awards for young scientists earlier this year. Introduced in 1974, the INSA Medal for Young Scientists has since been given annually to researchers below 35 years of age working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, medicine and agriculture. Richa Malhotra talked to three young biologists who won the INSA medal this year...

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  • INSA Young Scientist Award

    Bessel vs. Gaussian beams

    Recognition of one’s achievements is always gratifying. Awards therefore play an important role as a mark of professional recognition within the scientific community. The INSA Young Scientist Award was established in 1974 to distinguish scientists who have made notable contribution within their field. Each year, 30 promising scientists below the age of 35 are selected by a committee for the award. Nominations are called for each year around April/May and … More

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  • INSA Teacher’s Award

    Prof. Elias receives his teaching award

    How many scientists are remembered not just as exceptional researchers but also as great teachers? Richard Feynman is one of the first names that would spring to the minds of many in this context. And for good reason. His formidable scientific legacy is matched only by his reputation as a teacher extraordinaire. A reputation that lives and grows even today, through the exhaustive Feynman Lectures on Physics, that continue to … More

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