• 12th Young Investigators’ Meeting

    The 12th annual Young Investigators’ Meeting (YIM) was held from 14 – 18th February, 2020 in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. It was attended by ~150 participants, both from India and abroad. 

    The first part of the meeting — YIM — commenced on 14th Feb 2020. The meeting brought together exceptional young and senior scientists, special invitees, and representatives from funding agencies for interactions focusing on science careers, mentoring and networking. The program featured illuminating talks and panel discussions by mentors that focused on a wide variety of topics ranging from choosing the right research problem, publishing, personnel management, funding opportunities, and mentorship. Senior scientists described their scientific journeys providing inspirational and amusing anecdotes about their experiences with younger scientists who are establishing their careers. The meeting also witnessed poster sessions, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. 

    The second part — The Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF) Satellite Meeting began on 17 February 2020 for all postdoctoral attendees and directors/vice-chancellors/institutional representatives from various institutions and universities. For a day and a half, there were networking sessions, short talks by the directors/vice-chancellors and 5‑minute lightning talks by the postdoc attendees (PDFs). The PDFs presented their posters as well. The meeting was well-received by all the attendees.

    IndiaBioscience hopes to continue engaging with all the attendees at various levels in the future. The detailed report from the meeting can be read here. Photographs from the meeting can be found here.

    YIM2020 group picture